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Photo of Valerie Lunnen
Valerie Lunnen Special Education Teacher
Photo of Kyna Mace
Photo of Courtnee Meek
Courtnee Meek Language Arts Teacher
Photo of Mike Meifu
Mike Meifu PE Teacher Football Coach
Photo of Richard Minor
Richard Minor Skilled and Technical: WOODS
Photo of Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison Counseling Department Chair
Photo of Kim Newbrough
Kim Newbrough CTE Coordinator
Photo of Natalie Nielsen
Natalie Nielsen Performing Arts Dept, PE Department, Lamguage Arts
Photo of Jodi O’Farrell
Jodi O’Farrell Health Department Chair
No Photo Available
Alison Pittman Counseling Center
Photo of Caryl Pozza
Caryl Pozza YIC Teacher
Photo of MIchelle Putnam
MIchelle Putnam Vice Principal Administration
Photo of Todd Pyne
Todd Pyne Teacher Health
Photo of Shelly Reichmann
Shelly Reichmann Speech and Language Pathologist Speech
Photo of Andria Robb
Andria Robb Langauge Arts Department Teacher
Photo of Shauna Robertson
Shauna Robertson Language Arts Teacher
Photo of Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson Language Arts Teacher