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Photo of Kay Davis
Kay Davis PE Department Chair, Driver Education Teacher Physical Education, Driver Education
Photo of Kelly DeHaan
Kelly DeHaan Performing Arts Department Chair Vocal Music Teacher
Photo of Jeffrey Dickison
Jeffrey Dickison Language Arts Teacher
Photo of Katie DiMauro
Katie DiMauro Math Teacher
Photo of Robin Duffy
Robin Duffy Language Arts Teacher
Photo of Zan Elder
Zan Elder Counseling Center
Photo of Richard Farley
Richard Farley Counseling Center
Photo of Robin Frodge
Robin Frodge Special Education Teacher
Photo of Tom Gatten
Tom Gatten Vice Principal Administration
Photo of Teresa Giordani
Teresa Giordani Math Teacher
Photo of James Harline
James Harline Bio – Ag Teacher
No Photo Available
Detective Andrew Hercules Skilled and Technical: LAW ENFORCEMENT
Work Phone: (801) 256-5632
Photo of Donna Hunter
Donna Hunter Vice Principal Administration
Photo of Michael Jacobson
Michael Jacobson Special Education Teacher Special Education